Lateral Damp

What is Lateral / Penetrating Damp?

Lateral damp is when moisture is allowed to enter the structure in a horizontal direction. Gravity then causes the downward movement of the damp into other areas. Penetrating damp can create isolated patches of dampness that increase in size after periods of heavy rain. The damp can occur at any level, unlike Rising Damp which usually rises from the ground up to 1.2 meters high.

Lateral or penetrating damp is usually from a source too difficult to control and only an expert with a moisture meter detector will evaluate the difference in rising and lateral damp. Sometimes the problem may also require a plumber to pressure test the pipes to eliminate them as the problem.

How do Brick and Mortar Restorations repair rising damp?

Firstly we would attend site and carry out a full site inspection of the property. This would include testing of affected areas with a moisture meter to locate and determine the source of the Lateral Damp. Once we have determined the source we would then provide you with a written quote for the appropriate form of repair.

Repairs could be from installing a waterproof membrane on the inside wall and then re-plastering to excavation along the wall externally and applying a waterproof membrane to the external wall.

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