Limestone Cleaning

At Brick and Mortar Restorations we can clean your dirty and tired looking limestone and bring it back to look new.

Prior to commencing we will come out and do a test sample to show you what the finished product looks like. We also will repoint any fretting mortar between your limestone blocks and apply new Tuckpointing lines if required.

We also can do what is called a limestone wash. This is a process where we coat the limestone with a special coating that makes the limestone look new again and then repoint the mortar joints in a slightly contrasting color. This is done usually when the limestone has already been painted and it is too difficult to remove the paint without damaging the limestone further.

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We offer a free inspection and quotation service. You can expect the following from the team at Brick and Mortar Restoration - friendly advice from professional tradesman, accurate and concise quotations, no pushy salesmen, fast and efficient work, site left clean and tidy on completion.

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