Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing uses two contrasting colours of mortar in brickwork, with the master colour matching the original brick, to disguise unevenly shaped or spaced bricks and to give the impression that the bricks are of unvarying size with fine, even joints between the spaces.

How does our tuckpointing work?

This is a specialized craft which is performed when all brickwork is complete. A coloured mortar usually matching the brickwork colour is then placed on as a backing coat. A stain is then applied evenly over the entire wall. After that, we install an epoxy mortar to form the line this can be any colour however normally it is white, cream or black to give the wall its finished look. Each step requires skill and precision. The final effect is spectacularly eye-catching when done by our team.

Our talented team can also do what we call Render Tuckpointing this is done when the brickwork is in very poor condition already rendered or not suitable for standard service. The process is the same as for Tuckpointing except for before starting the process we apply a 2-3mm acrylic render coloured to match standard red bricks, we then mark out the render into pattern and then individually texture each section to give random texture, we then stain individual bricks. Once this is completed we then can start the normal Tuckpointing process.

With low tuckpointing cost, you’ll love our services

Ask us for a free measure and quote for your structure – we ensure our entire tuckpointing cost is kept as low as possible, and give you a full breakdown of price prior to you engaging us in service for tuckpointing, crack repairs or something else.

Contact our brick and mortar specialists to find out more about how to organise brick tuckpointing for your wall. We will work with any structure to bring it back to life and create an outstanding finish.

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