The saying “like father like son” holds true with the Fernihough name. From TG Fernihough & Sons to Fernihough Homes and Alf Fernihough Builders,
Established in 1945 our family owned business continues to deliver outstanding results for our customers!
Our next generation family members - Ross, Tammy, Jacinta and Hoby all work in running the daily operations and are always available to discuss your needs.

Hi Tammy,
We were very pleased with all the work and especially the fact that you could do it so quickly for us.
The gent doing the work was extremely efficient, very pleasant and cleaned up extremely well. Thank you!
Just out of interest are you related to Fernihough builders? I think it was Alf Fernihough who built our first home in the early eighties!
Once again many thanks
Kind regards
SC Mount Claremont



Brick and Mortar Restoration are very excited to be awarded the contract for works at The Salvation Army original Divisional Headquarters/ Congress Hall in Pier St Perth.

Our Family have worked on this beautiful Building in the past TG Fernihough & Sons, Fernihough Builders, Alf Fernihough & Son, so it is especially dear to us to be restoring it now.

This Building is Heritage 1891 and is a fine example of federation free style.
Brick and Mortar Restoration have completed a Drone Survey of the Building.
Firstly we will be completing paint removal as well as Graffiti Removal.
We will be completing crack repairs using Thorhelical Remedial Solutions The Ultimate in Masonry Repair and Reinforcement.
Brick and Mortar Restoration will be carrying out repairs to render bands and corbelling, including backs of gables.
We will be completing Mortar Pointing and Tuckpointing.
The Scope of Works is quite detailed so we will be here restoring this beautiful building for approx. 3 months.
Looking forward to seeing this beautiful building restored.



The Craftsman

The Tradesman works with his hands – his product is well made and practical.

The artist works with his mind, he sees more a concept – a thing of beauty.

Combine these two attributes and you have a craftsman – that rear combination of practical skill and loving care, where pride in one’s product is the paramount consideration……

In this age of mass- production, of targets and budgets, turnover assumes importance; price and gimmicks are the influencing factors. Quality is secondary.

The affluent mass market wants only to possess. But not so all.

There are those who, in their personal endeavours, set themselves a higher standard.

These men take pride in their work and demand of themselves perfection.

Their product is their best- they will not produce otherwise.

And these men in turn look for the same high standard in others, and their possessions reflect, not just price, but obvious good taste and quality of product.

Alf Fernihough Building Contractor


Image-000 (00C).jpg20190325_133935.jpg



Brick and Mortar Restoration was awarded the Contract and commenced work today on a block of units in Subiaco.

 Interesting enough this particular block of units was built in the 60s by TG Fernihough & Sons our Grandfather and Fathers Business.

 We now have been awarded the Contract to update and repair some works on the property.

 We are very proud to be a family tradition since 1945.


We offer a free inspection and quotation service. You can expect the following from the team at Brick and Mortar Restoration - friendly advice from professional tradesman, accurate and concise quotations, no pushy salesmen, fast and efficient work, site left clean and tidy on completion.


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