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What Does Repointing Brick Mean?

17 April, 2020

Repointing means repairing the mortar between your bricks on your Property.  Some refer to it as Tuckpointing and some refer to it as cement between bricks. The actual correct terminology is Mortar and to repair the mortar you will be completing Mortar Pointing.

At Brick and Mortar Restoration upon inspection we try to identify the true problem you may be facing and find out what has caused the deterioration of the mortar.

If there are cracks or problems in the actual bricks or stone masonry there could be a larger problem that also needs to be addressed.

Over time, weathering and decay cause fretting in the mortar, allowing the undesirable entrance of water. Water entering through the mortar can cause significant damage through weathering and from salt dissolution and deposition.

A lot of properties close to the ocean may experience fretting mortar due to the salt from the ocean.

Depending on the age of the Property it could be the Mortar is made up with a Heritage lime product or it could be just mixed originally incorrectly.

At Brick and Mortar Restoration we also examine the colour, the joint and the finish. Mortar pointing the incorrect colour will change the overall appearance of your home, make it stand out, bring the price down.

Generally the most popular colours are Cream or White.

The biggest error we find with Mortar Pointing is some believe it should be mixed with Brickies Sand and this is incorrect.

Mortar Pointing should always be completed with Plastering Sand which is a much finer sand and the best quality of fine Plastering Sands are found in the Quarries around WA.

Mortar Joint Styles also need to be matched to existing.

There is approximately 5 different joints: 

  • Flush
  • Raked
  • Rolled
  • Struck
  • Weather

Finally the mortar finish could be:

  • Clean Rolled: Provides a stylish, more uniformed surface to overlapping joints,
  • Flush Joint: This is a classic finish
  • Rough Parget and Lined Parget: Generally used for the limestone look

If you would like more information on Brick Repointing give us a call today on 1800 MORTAR (1800 667 827).

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