Thorhelical Remedial Solutions WA

Brick And Mortar Restoration Are State Distributors And Approved Installers

Thor Helical patented wall tie and reinforcement products are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel wire and engineered using a cold rolling process with advanced twisting die technology to accurately control the pitch of the tie resulting in a ‘Precise Pitch’ delivering unrivalled and patented product consistency and reliability.

The wires are formed with large work hardened helical fins that extend radially around and along an unhardened core, acting in effect like a torsion spring and providing a unique elastic yield attribute.

The production techniques used in manufacture of the helical wire enhances it’s ultimate tensile strength to more than double that of conventional stainless steel bars.

“Conforms to: BS EN 845-1:2013 and conditions for CE marking”.

The Ultimate In Masonary Repair And Reinforcement

From the Pioneers and Inventors of Helical Fixing Technology

Continuous Development and Improvements since 1978

Precision Engineered Helical Bars – Wall Ties – Fixings

The Most Consistent and Reliable Helical Bar Products Available Today!

  • Remedial Wall Ties
  • Grout Free Wall Anchors
  • Brick Reinforcement
  • Brick Repair
  • Crack Stitching Repairs
  • Masonry Lintels
  • Lateral Restraint Ties


We offer a free inspection and quotation service. You can expect the following from the team at Brick and Mortar Restoration - friendly advice from professional tradesman, accurate and concise quotations, no pushy salesmen, fast and efficient work, site left clean and tidy on completion.


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