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For a Property or Strata Manager, it’s really hard to find a reliable Business for all of your property maintenance.

To avoid the worry, just call Brick and Mortar Restoration. We are Western Australia’s best quality building maintenance service provider. Our services will help you keep your client’s rental property in perfect condition.

  • Gutters Block or Leaking – No Problems
  • Delivery Truck driven into the front wall – No Problems
  • Ceiling Collapsed – No Problems
  • Concrete Cancer Showing – No Problems
  • Gate and Fencing – No Problems
  • Door not locking – No Problems

Our professional Team are highly experienced in home improvement and renovation, maintenance and repairs.

We especially focus on customer relations and deliver quality work with our skilled technicians who have ability to work carried out at any time you require and provide effective real estate property maintenance.

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Maintaining a property or home can be time consuming and stressful. At Brick and Mortar Restoration we will remove all the negativity linked with property renovations and seeing a quality repair finish is our goal.

We can handle various types of home transformation services, Wall Alterations, Ceiling Repairs, Plastering, Painting, Carpentry, Lintel Replacement, Crack Repairs and other essential home repairs.

We can even Schedule yearly visits to your property to complete spot checks for you on any up-and-coming tasks.

Our highly skilled team will provide quality work and you will definitely be overwhelmed with the results. We will look after your property maintenance and other issues if any.

We can provide appropriate solutions for any type of client needs, offering you different options and we always maintain long-term relationships, and operate the company with modern values and principles.

We are ready to accommodate all of your home maintenance needs. Our Team are always professional, clean and tidy and communicate well. To renovate your property in all aspects, we are not just your best choice, we are the only choice for a job done right.

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Send us an enqury and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


1800 667 827

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