Fretting is caused when weathering and natural decay causes voids to open in the mortar.... Once the water has entered the brickwork, it can cause significant damage through a number of processes including salt dissolution and deposition. If mortar pointing isn’t performed to minimise this damage, the brickwork will become unsound and will cost thousands of dollars to fix. The repair process is quite simple, but the art lies in the colour matching of the existing mortar. If this is done poorly it will devalue your residence rather than increase its value. Do not trust this to just anyone to carry out the repairs to your property. 36952663_2092846370973215_1227063317424504832_n.jpg
Next time you’re outside have a look at your external brickwork and check for signs of fretting mortar. A simple once-over now could save you some money in the long run.
22 July 2019


What does repointing brick mean?

Repointing means repairing the mortar between your bricks on your Property. 

Some refer to it as Tuckpointing and some refer to it as cement between bricks. The actual correct terminology is Mortar and to repair the mortar you will be completing Mortar Pointing.

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Rusting Lintels
How do you know if you have a rusted Lintel that may require replacement?

If the answer to any of the following questions is YES, then we would recommend a free site inspection from the team at Brick and Mortar Restoration to provide you with expert advice and if required, a quotation to carry out the repairs. New Lintel and Rusty Lintel in photo,         13015518_1716116548646201_916722415466042135_n.jpg

  • Are the bricks around the lintel crumbling or showing visual crack lines?

  • Is the brickwork surrounding your openings, windows, doors appearing defective or out of line?

  • Are the lintels showing signs of rust or deterioration?

  • Are the lintels showing signs of delamination?

  • Do you have cracks in the brickwork emerging from the top corners of the opening?

    15 May 2019,


We offer a free inspection and quotation service. You can expect the following from the team at Brick and Mortar Restoration - friendly advice from professional tradesman, accurate and concise quotations, no pushy salesmen, fast and efficient work, site left clean and tidy on completion.


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