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Restoring former glory.

Brick and Mortar Restoration was very proud to be asked to be involved with the restoration of The Guildford Hotel.

Anyone who has travelled out to our beautiful Swan Valley region would be familiar with the iconic landmark that is The Guildford Hotel – which was almost completely destroyed by fire in 2008.

Originally built in 1886, the building was added to the State Heritage Register in 1993 – so when it came to the Restoration, it was crucial to ensure the best teams were working on the project.

The Brick and Mortar Restoration team repaired the damaged brickwork, using every trick in the book to keep the ‘rustic’ feel of the original building whilst ensuring structural integrity.

We even incorporated some of the charred beams the fire left behind into the design as ‘battle scars’. Brick and Mortar Restoration excelled with the installation of four new columns and ornate mouldings.

We have installed over 1500m of Thor Helical stainless steel bars and 400 Thor Helical stainless steel wall ties, and rectified rising damp to The Guildford Hotel by injecting with Dry Zone.

As the Restoration work is near to the end on The Guildford Hotel, we look forward to seeing this grand old lady get a second chance at life!

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