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Before the 1950’s, lath and plaster was the typical way to create walls and ceilings.

The housing boom of post-World War II created a need for a faster and cheaper way to create smooth walls, that didn’t require technical skills. The answer to this came in the form of plasterboard, which was cheaper to purchase and easier to install.

Some plaster and lath walls are durable and fully usable after decades in Australian homes. These still have plaster and lath construction.

Depending on the quality of installation and the level of maintenance and upkeep, the condition may be worn down or damaged.

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Narrow strips of wood, called lath nailed horizontally across vertical studs.

Lath can be defined as thin, flat pieces of wood that supports plaster. These laths were placed close together. Several coats of plaster were layered on top to solidify the framework.

The plaster that filtered between the laths plays an important role in the plaster and lath’s ability to absorb sound

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The Team at Brick and Mortar Restoration have developed a unique repair system for repairing failing lath and plaster ceilings.

We believe we are the only company in Western Australia that carry out repairs to lath and plaster ceilings in this way.

We have been involved in repairs to many Heritage listed buildings in Western Australia.

Our Specialized lath and plaster restoration system will re-adhere sagging and or drummy sections of plaster back to the laths.

This will preserve the historic and ornate features of the original lath and Plaster Ceiling.

These works can be carried out as a preventative measure to avoid loss of the original lath and plaster ceiling.

Our Unique repair system is non-intrusive and can be carried out at a fraction of the time and cost of ceiling replacement, not to mention the heritage and architectural importance of reviving the original lath and plaster ceiling.

On completion of the repairs we can repaint ceilings and walls if required.

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