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Over the years people have painted over some of the best features of their house, tuckpointed brickwork. At Brick and Mortar Restoration we have become expert at removal of paint from brick surfaces.

On many occasions, we have been hired to rectify brickwork that has been damaged by inexperienced cleaning companies, as high-pressure cleaners can accidentally remove the brick face as well as the paint.

At Brick and Mortar Restoration we use a combination of methods to remove the paint from your walls without damaging the bricks. They include low-pressure hot wash, paint stripping chemicals and the peel away system.

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PEEL AWAY is a revolutionary patented concept in paint removal. The PEEL AWAY system has been specially formulated to remove multiple layers of paint in one clean fast application. PEEL AWAY provides innovative solutions for paint removal.

This poultice method of chemical stripping is a recommended safe process by the EPA. It prevents atmospheric pollution when using the laminated cover. It is safe for removal of Lead Paint and can fully contain the waste. The usage of harmful solvents is reduced, as are any risks to health.

The product is a thick paste that is applied to the surface and covered with a special laminated paper. The product is sealed in and will emulsify the many layers of paint safely. The laminated sheet is then peeled away with the paint carefully, ready for disposal. The surface is then washed with water.

  • Effectively removes paint coatings
  • Provides total lead containment
  • Preserves the substrates
  • Strips up to 30 layers in one application
Graffiti Removal Perth

Some believe graffiti can be a work of art, more often than not, it is simply an eye-sore and can leave a property looking aged and devalue an area.

Graffiti is illegal in most places and usually is created with spray paint. For a business, a properties presentation is key as it is important to not scare aware customers due to the graffiti damage.

For those who are looking to sell or rent out their property, graffiti can lead people to believe that the house is located in a bad area. Because of the negative associations that people make with graffiti.

Coming to Brick and Mortar Restoration is the best move you will make today.

We will ensure that the correct Trades are used for your work and the correct materials will be used. Our team here at  Brick and Mortar Restoration can be called to provide you with a Quotation to ensure your

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