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Protect your property and your family with professional treatment solutions from Brick and Mortar Restoration. One of the most common causes of secondary damage in buildings around Perth, rising damp can cause a wide array of problems both for the structure and those living within it. As structural restoration specialists, Brick and Mortar Restoration in Perth are able to effectively identify and effectively treat this type of damp before it causes significant damage.

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Rising damp is a form of moisture retention that involved the upward movement of groundwater in lower sections of walls, floors and masonry. The moisture rises through porous building materials as a result of capillary action and typically rises to around 1.5 meters from the ground. This type of damp is easily identified by the ‘tide mark’ of soluble salts from the groundwater which have crystallised at the top of the affected area.

Repair solutions

Unlike a lot of companies that only will do one type of repair method, we at Brick and Mortar Restoration will provide you with a range of treatment solutions to ensure you get the best option for your property. We will carry out a full site visit and determine the cause of the damp issue and will then provide a written quote to rectify the problem using the best method of repair for your property and your budget.

Physical damp proof course

For this treatment, we remove the bottom row of bricks and insert a PVC coated aluminium sheet to protect the brickwork from the water. Although it is more expensive than an injection, it is a highly effective solution for most Perth properties.

For more information on our restoration services we offer in Perth including mortar repointing, concrete cancer treatment, and crack repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 MORTAR (667827).

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